Shebat Legion

Shebat Legion is a consummate storyteller whose quirky tales include Dree and On Wednesday, first published in the Halloween anthology, Hoblin Goblin; I Am Anastasia’s Bracelet, written in collaboration with Michael H. Hanson, and Just Like an Angel, with Jordanne Fuller, published in the shared-universe anthologies, Sha’Daa: Facets, and Sha’Daa Inked. Her story, Ophie and Undertaker appear in Dreamers in Hell, and Undertaker’s Holiday, written in collaboration with Joe Bonadonna, featured in Poets in Hell; both volumes are part of the award-winning Heroes in Hell series, created by Janet Morris. The quirky Miss Legion is the creator of Vampire Therapy: Chronicles of The Cat’s Ass Boutique, which include such stories as, Christmas at the Cat’s Ass Boutique; A Cat’s Ass Valentine; and Lilly Brings Home a Leprechaun. She is also the author of Vampire Therapy: Jackson and Eva, and is presently at work on book two of the Vampire Therapy series, Elizabetta. Legion is the producer of Klarissa Dreams, an anthology of short stories and poetry set against the paintings of Klarissa Kocsis and is currently working on Klarissa Dreams Redux, the second in the series. Shebat Legion is the producer of the children’s book, (ages 4-6) called The Fork Tree and her latest release is Hubris: A Collection of short stories, a compendium of original short fiction.