Jack William Finley

Jack William Finley was picked from a Northern Indiana pumpkin patch in October of 1967 by a middle-aged catholic couple who were too embarrassed to return him when he turned out to be a boy and not a pumpkin.

At an impressionable age he read Dracula and the Sherlock Holmes stories and far more “true crime” magazines than in his best interest. In High School he was lured by wicked artistic gypsies into the cult of Dungeons and Dragons and exposed to The Rocky Horror Picture Show and the Hitchhikers Guide to the galaxy, both in the same weekend. At that point, his last hope of becoming a sane, productive member of polite society seemed forever lost.

He tried many jobs before the civilian world tossed him to the US Army, which tossed him back two years later. He now writes stories for Perseid Press and Iron Clad Press, hoping to entertain people and become fabulously wealthy without needing to become famous.

Would-be stalkers are encouraged to apply at Facebook and Twitter or at his Amazon Author page.

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