Sarah Hulcy

In Memoriam

Sarah Hulcy is a native Texas who was accidentally born in Miami, Florida, due to the untimely transfer of her father by his employer (although she WAS conceived in Texas), but she returned to Texas as soon as possible. She worked in various fields but almost all of them involved forcing various types of machines to do what she told them – typewriters, typesetting machines, computers, copiers, faxes, Telex machines, adding machines, comptometers, dedicated word processors and a host of other objects that are generally uncooperative on a daily basis. Aside from a short stint as a reluctant business owner, her main areas of expertise were in typesetting, commercial art and advertising, and in drudgery in the service of the legal profession. Most of this activity caused her to have the ability to type ridiculously fast. Unfortunately, she’s old enough that the term “ergonomics” had not been invented until very late in her career, which bit her on the butt, sidelining a promising career in “support staff” activities.

In 2010, Sarah accidentally became entangled with a writing group through a certain social media service (initials FB) and her life has not been the same since. She began helping Janet Morris and a group of writers with the resurrection of the “Heroes in Hell” series that began in the 1980s, producing 12 volumes, all of which Sarah just happened to own. This came about mainly due to the fact that the first planned new volume bore the title “Lawyers in Hell” a particularly significant happenstance. Having written millions of words of documents with exciting titles like: “Utilizing the Imaging and Database Software in Order to Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Next Document Production,” it had never occurred to her to write fiction… but as the creation of “Lawyers in Hell” progressed, she was encouraged to try her hand at writing a short story for the book. Imagine her surprise to discover that she actually had a sort of knack for imagining things that had never happened and documenting them!

She also assists in harrying the poor authors of the Hell shared world series into (once again) doing what she (and the publisher) want them to do, which involves bandaging skinned egos, patting heads that have been bashed repeatedly against brick walls, providing mother-hen and den-mother services, as well as proofing, copy-editing, formatting and generally wrestling short stories and novels into submission (pun intended). This serendipitous sequence of events has improved her outlook significantly and she intends to continue in these activities until the end of time.

Dreamers in Hell

Dreamers in Hell

Seven million years on the New Hell Sinday Times bestseller list… The damned are revolting The underworld explodes with excitement as Satan himself rebels against forces from on high. Or does he? Dreams are dashed and strongholds topple as the greatest shared universe of all times convulses with mystery and mayhem. Shakespeare and Marlowe begin a new play to please the Devil…. Satan and Samael plot to expose the unrepentant damned… Before Napoleons eyes, Caesars villa explodes in chaos… Goethe finds out that hell is all around him… Isadora Duncan forgets that dreams can be hell… Hells librarian throws a bash and the damned party down… and down… and down… All over the netherworlds, worse comes to worst as Hells Most Unwanted try assaulting heavens gates and raise more hell than they bargained for….

Fools in Hell – Chris Morris

Alms For Oblivion – Janet Morris and Chris Morris

The Unholy Hole – Nancy Asire

Essence Helliance – Yelle Hughes

Barefoot, On Brimstone – Sara M. Harvey

Ophie and the Undertaker – Shebat Legion

Just Dessert – John Manning

Hell, I Must Be Going – Michael A. Ventrella

Head Games – Bill Snider

Blood and Ash – Tom Barczak

Hellexandria the Great – Sarah Hulcy

The Knife-Edged Bridge – David L. Burkhead

The Wager – Deborah Koren

More Light! – Bettina S. Meister

In the Shadow of Paradise – Jason Cordova

 Zero Sum Game – Richard Groller

And the Truth Shall Set You Free – Jack William Finley

The ITTT – Michael H. Hanson

Siegfried’s Blade – Petra E. Jorns

Stairway to Heaven – Edward McKeown

Knocking on Heaven’s Gates – Larry Atchley, Jr.

Hell Bent – Janet Morris

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Lawyers in Hell

Lawyers in Hell

Heaven lays down the law and Hell gets more hellish as the greatest shared universe of all time makes its malevolent return. Souls you hate to love and souls you love to hate reunite for Lawyers in Hell, in twenty-two infernal tales from the underworlds, where Injustice must be served.

Story list:

Interview with the Devil – Janet Morris and Chris Morris

Tribe of Hell – Janet Morris

The Rapture Elevator –  Michael Armstrong

Out of Court Settlement –  C.J. Cherryh

Revolutionary Justice – Leo Champion

Tale of a Tail – Nancy Asire

And Injustice For All – Jason Cordova

Measure of a Man – Deborah Koren

The Adjudication of Hetty Green – Allan F. Gillbreath

Plains of Hell – Bruce Durham

The Register – Michael H. Hanson

Island out of Time – Richard Groller

Appellate Angel – Edward McKeown

With Enemies Like These – David L. Burkhead

The Dark Arts – Kimberly Richardson

Heads You Loose – Michael Z. Williamson

Check and Mate – Bradley H. Sinor

Disclaimer – John Manning

Orientation Day – Sarah Hulcy

Remember, Remember, Hell in November – Larry Atchley, Jr.

Theo Khthonios –  Scott Oden

Erra and the Seven – Chris Morris

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