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Author Spotlight

Chris Morris
Christopher Crosby Morris is a talented artist, not only as an author and publisher, but as a musician, song-writer, and voice actor. Find out more about his fascinating life!

Featured Series

The entire nine book collection of The Sacred Band series chronicles all the stories of Tempus and his mercenaries. Epic storytelling at its best!

Featured Title

Just released!
Book 2 of The Arthurian Age series, The Strife of Camlann details the results of Arthur’s war in Gaul, and sets the stage for Britain’s future.

Best Selling Audio Book

The Sacred Band
Tempus and his Stepson cavalry rescue twenty-three pairs of Theban Sacred Banders to fight on other days, and return with them to Sanctuary ten years after the Wizard Wars end.

Best Selling Series

The Silestra Series
Welcome to Silistra, a glimpse of a far distant future wherein a civilization proclaims the greatest feat an individual can perform is to produce one child, yet distrusts the sciences that brought them to verge of extinction.

Best Selling Book

I the Sun
A biographical novel of the life and times of Suppiluliumas I, Great King of the Hittites from 1380 B.C.E.

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