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The heat is on!

Looks like Perseid has a summer hit as hot as the season. Monsters in Hell is sizzling with new stories from old favorites and a cover to match. Many have bought the paperback just to have the full wrap-around effect of Roy Mauritsen’s fiery artwork and of course the pleasure of reading a real book superbly typeset to our own secret formula. But wait, there’s more . . . we’re discounting Monsters in paper from $23.40 to $14.50. Is that hot or what?

We’re super pleased to see Joe Bonadonna’s Black Gate breakdown of what’s in store in Monsters. Click here to view it, as well as some terrific AI art from JP Wilder. Thank you Joe!

Featured Series

Perseid’s highlighted series for July is The Arthurian Age Saga by Sean Poage, featuring The Retreat to Avalon and The Strife of Camlann. Both titles can be purchased on Kindle for $2.99 each or in paperback format for $14.50. 

Dive into the heart of Dark Age Britain with Sean Poage’s The Arthurian Age Saga, a compelling historical fiction series that brings to life the legendary tale of King Arthur. The Retreat to Avalon starts the journey, where Gawain, a horse trainer who wants glory, joins King Arthur’s mission to help the Romans fight the Vesi. In The Strife of Camlann, the saga goes on, where Gawain, now an experienced fighter, deals with an oath and a secret that could affect the Britons’ future as they face the coming disaster of Camlann.

Poage masterfully blends historical authenticity with the rich tapestry of Arthurian lore, delivering a saga that is both a gripping adventure and a poignant exploration of duty, honor, and destiny.

Featured Title

This month, Perseid’s highlighted book is “The Strife of Camlann” by Sean Poage. The Kindle version is available for $2.99 (usually $4.50), or you can get the paperback for $14.50 (typically $26.00) throughout July.

Embark on a journey back to the tumultuous times of Arthur’s Britain with Sean Poage’s gripping historical novel, The Strife of Camlann. This second installment in The Arthurian Age series plunges readers into a world where loyalty is tested, and destiny unfolds. Gawain, Arthur’s steadfast warrior, seeks peace and family life, yet grapples with a burdensome oath and a secret that could alter the course of history. As the shadow of Camlann looms, the future of the Britons hangs in the balance. Will Gawain’s choices lead to salvation or ruin? Discover the legends that shaped a nation in this enthralling tale of honor, conflict and legacy.    

Best Selling Audio Book

Tempus and his Stepson cavalry rescue twenty-three pairs of Theban Sacred Banders to fight on other days, and return with them to Sanctuary ten years after the Wizard Wars end.

Best Selling Series

The Silestra Series
Welcome to Silistra, a glimpse of a far distant future wherein a civilization proclaims the greatest feat an individual can perform is to produce one child, yet distrusts the sciences that brought them to verge of extinction.

Best Selling Book

A biographical novel of the life and times of Suppiluliumas I, Great King of the Hittites from 1380 B.C.E.

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