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  • by eranamage
    Welcome to March – And the NN Light Book Heaven Event. Battle the winter blues at N. N. Light’s Book Heaven Shake Off Winter Doldrums Book Festival. 35 books, 27 authors, a giveaway plus sure-fire ways to combat your winter melancholy! https://www.nnlightsbookheaven.com/shake-off-winter-doldrums  Check out all […]
  • by Sean
    Learn about the ancient British kingdom of Dumnonia, which left its mark on England and Cornwall and has strong links to King Arthur. The post Mighty Dumnonia: Dark Age Politics, Part 12 appeared first on Sean Poage.
  • by Fiona Jones
    I express greetings and most joyful salutations! I do not mean to interrupt you if you wish to be without company. It is only that I noticed you have been drifting alone for six flares of star-home-past-great-star-birthplace, and that is many flares! Your movement has […]
  • by SE Lindberg
    Lovers in Hell – Book Tour and Giveaway (link)An excerpt of my story "Lovers Sans Phalli" is showcased on this Blog Tour and Book Giveaway for Lovers in Hell! Check it out!**On Sale for Only $2.99 until the end of the month!**  Amazon * Bookbub * GoodreadsLovers in HellA Heroes […]
  • by Andrew P. Weston
    Want to Find out more aboutThe Last War Trilogy?Then Look No FurtherAn Interview With Mike ShackleFor those of you who don't know him, Mike Shackle is a great guy who just so happens to be the author of the Last War Trilogy:Mike was recently interviewed […]
  • by Michael Hanson
      Forgive me for not mentioning this earlier, but it honestly slipped my mind. One of my creepy short horror stories is on the waxing gibbous Moon! This marks a surprising milestone for me, but one I wholeheartedly embrace. Two years ago, I learned that […]
  • by Charles Gramlich
    Old Moon Quarterly, Volume 5, 2023. 137 pages. Edited and arranged by Julian Barona. Cover by Derek Moore. This is a collection of heroic fantasy short stories. Most of these tales would fall into the general Sword & Sorcery subgenre, but several of them stretch […]