Mouth of the Dragon

Mouth of the Dragon

What awaits when prophecy turns against the prophet? What will he see, when the veil of the dragon rises?

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About the Book

To save the ones he loves, Chaelus, vessel of the Giver reborn, pursues the dragon and the fate that prophecy foretold for him. But as the veil of the dragon rises, so does the veil between prophecy and the past, where the Prophecy of Evarun suffers no rivals.

Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Perseid Press
Publication Year: 2017
ISBN: 97801997758368
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About the Author
Tom Barczak

Tom is an artist, turned architect, turned writer, who finally got around to writing the stories he started dreaming about as a kid. His work includes his illustrated epic fantasy novel, Veil of the Dragon, his Kindle serials, Awakening Evarun (Parts I-VI), Fall of the Chosen (Part I of VI), Wolfbane (Parts 1-2 of 3), along with numerous short stories including those published in “Heroika 1 – Dragon Eaters”, “Heroika 2 – Skirmishers”, “Nine Heroes”, “Terror by Gaslight”, and “What Scares the Boogeyman”, along with two volumes of the award winning “Heroes in Hell” series, “Dreamers in Hell”, and “Poets in Hell”. He writes because he can’t not. He writes because he needs to tell the stories he already started way before, in his paintings, in his poetry, and even before that, sitting around a table with friends, slaying dragons.

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