JP Wilder

JP makes his home with his beautiful wife and family in a suburb of Los Angeles, among a cluttered collection of too-big, cookie-cutter structures. Here he rests each night after a long (and somewhat miserable) commute from the glass monoliths of West Los Angeles, cloistered away from the multi-hued grid of American culture, pretending that he is above it all.

He has donned many uniforms in life, including that of a farmer (or son of a farmer — unwilling [and unable] to claim the expertise of his father in the ways of the land and ranching), a paratrooper, a roofer, a professor and an executive.

And as he has changed and adapted to the world around him, one thing has remained constant: his connection to fantasy fiction and the macabre.

Along with his short story, The Rhyme of the Dragon Queen in the Perseid Press anthology, Heroika 1: Dragon Eaters, he has authored the following:

The Book Dragon, in the Wizards of the Coast Anthology, Realms of the Dragon II

Schade of Night, a paranormal thriller, and

The Crusader series, a series of short stories and novellas about a fantastic crusade and the nature of war.